Date Topic Reading Materials Assignments
2/5 Introduction to the course, intro to R, Visualization r4ds 1-2 Github username tips, RStudio cheatsheets Make a Github username and tell me your username, make Slack account, introduce yourself on Slack
2/7 More Visualization r4ds 3 RStudio cheatsheets, including the Syntax cheatsheet and Data Visualization cheatsheet just reading
2/12 Workflow basics, rmarkdown, git and Github basics r4ds 4, r4ds 27 hello git Hw 1: viz
2/14 Data wrangling r4ds 5 Transformation cheatsheet reading, turn in hw1 on Github by 1:30 pm Tuesday (2/19)
2/19 More Data wrangling r4ds 6 Transformation cheatsheet
2/21 More git and Github Reproducing Comic Books Are Still Made By Men, For Men And About Men, assignment link
2/26 A little tidy data, and time to work r4ds 12-13
2/28 More tidy data, a little time to work r4ds 12-13
3/5 Finish tidy data, start talking about special data types r4ds 14-16 stringr cheatsheet, forcats cheatsheet, lubridate cheatsheet
3/7 Finish special data types r4ds 14-16
3/12 Intro to programming in R r4ds 17-21 Corresponding RMarkdown document
3/14 Tidyverse quiz, functions in R quiz study guide
3/19 More functions, midterm survey
3/21 Tidyverse case study, a little time to work rmarkdown for case study final project proposal
4/2 More functions advR 5-6 learningAboutFunctions.R
4/4 Moar functions advR 5-6 bootstrap function
4/9 Classes and objects advR 7 classes
4/11 More classes advR 7 Natural ammenities score, shapefiles
4/16 Environments, usethis, packages Separate Rmd/md file in the same repo as classes
4/18 Getting set up, and Building a package R packages chapters R and man example .Renviron as .txt, example .Rprofile as .txt, Write me a few (10?) sentences in your Rmd file from Tuesday about making a package.
4/23 Shiny apps, 1-3, 7 shiny basics Another Rmd file for the week, with answers to these questions
4/25 Shiny apps, 4-6, Filepaths and Projects Answer the rest of these questions
4/30 Vignettes R packages chapter Vignettes, Packaging data analysis reproducibly using R (and friends), NSE in dplyr
5/2 NSE NSE in dplyr, R docs
5/7 More NSE NSE in dplyr Another Rmd with answers to Your Turn, knitted to github_document. Modified bootstrap function (separate file in the same bootstrap repo) due next Tuesday after class
5/9 Fun stuff in R Write me a few sentences (5?) about fun stuff in R
5/14 Work Time
5/16 Presentations peer eval rubric