Stat 101c

In Spring 2014, I TAed Stat 101c: Introduction to Regression and Data Mining at UCLA (Instructor: Rob Gould)

Office hours:

Monday 4-5 pm, Thursday 2-3 pm. Find me on the 8th floor of the Math Science building in my office, 8105G. (Walk into 8105 and through the lounge)

Course resources:

  • RMarkdown: we're encouraging people to use RMarkdown (knitr and Markdown) to include R code and output in their documents. This is the RStudio documentation.
  • DeTeXify: This site allows you to easily find LaTeX (math) symbols online by drawing them. If you want to put beautiful equations in your Markdown document, this tool is for you.
  • knitr chunk options: documentation of all the things you can put in with {r} in your code chunk specification. Hide errors, cache code, etc.