Stat 102b

In Winter 2014, I TAed Stat 102b: Introduction to Computation and Optimization at UCLA (Instructor: Juana Sanchez)

Office hours:

Tuesday and Friday, 2:15-3:15 pm. Find me on the 8th floor of the Math Science building in my office, 8105G. (Walk into 8105 and through the lounge)

Course resources:

  • The course website.
  • I have my own R cheatsheet, which I've modified slightly for this class. Download it here.
  • Slides from the first day of discussion (with expectations, email etiquette, etc).
  • Before the midterm, I was talking about one of my favorite ways to study-- unlimited practice problems with R! For example, if you want to practice hand-computing matrix inverses, create some matrices, try their inverses, and check with R. Here are some problems to review for the midterm, with associated R code. Just change the code to get new problems.