Do you know Nothing when you see it?


April 25, 2016

I’m currently at OpenVisConf and in awe of my fellow presenters. I did my presentation, “Do you know Nothing when you see it?” before lunch and have been slowly unwinding since then. A couple people asked for links to my slides and resources, so here they are!

I saved my Keynote slides as HTML and posted them on my website. They seem even lower quality than in Keynote (how is that possible?!) but you can access them here.

Nothing title slide image from flickr: hungry_i

Resources: [May be updated to be more descriptive if I get the energy.]

Randomization and the bootstrap:

Graphical inference:

R packages:

Modifiable Areal Unit Problem and Gerrymandering

Exploring parameter space:

Thank you so much to everyone who offered kind words about my presentation!