Stat 102B discussion 1

Amelia McNamara
January 7, 2014

Stat 102B (sections C and D)

TA: Amelia McNamara

Office: 8105G

Office hours: Tuesday and Friday, 2:15-3:15 pm




  • Feel free to bring your computer to discussion
  • Discussion is not “required” but attendance will end up impacting your grade
  • Quizzes will occasionally take place in discussion, so if you want to switch sections, do it formally with Glenda Jones in the stat department
  • We'll be talking mostly about R and your homework
  • I love it when people answer (and ask!) questions, don't feel shy
  • I also appreciate feedback (anonymous is fine)


I'm not great with names, but I want to try! Please tell me

  • your first name (what you prefer to be called)
  • how much experience you have with R

For example, I'm Amelia, and I've been using R for about 7 years.

Email etiquette

STAT 102B: question about problem 3, part b

Professor Sanchez,

I am having trouble with question 3b on homework 4. I tried running the code you suggested, but I keep getting this error

Error in omega * t(X) %*% X : non-conformable arrays 

What does that mean?

Thanks for your help,

Amelia (student ID number)

Getting started with RStudio

Getting started with R

R scripts and styles