Programming projects

All my work tries to balance left brain and right brain thinking. As such, I've focused on cultivating my analytical, statistical, and coding abilities alongside my artistic and design expertise. I especially love data visualization because it brings together these two types of thinking.

My projects can be viewed organized by coding language, and if you'd like to explore in that way, check out my pages on R, Python, JavaScript, Matlab or LaTeX. For a higher level view, here are a few recent projects I'm especially proud of.

Community satisfaction

What makes a good community?

Using data from the Knight Foundation, I explored three years worth of community satisfaction data in R. The question I tried to answer was about community meta-knowledge. The final poster was designed in InDesign. read more
Skirt network

Interactive visualization of my skirt collection

A javascript (d3/coffeescript) project which takes data from my personal skirt collection and displays a network of similarities between skirts. read more

R packages

I'm currently working on a few R packages, locatr to help you find that R function that's on the tip of your tongue, LivelyR which will someday support dynamic graphics creation in the web browser, and MobilizeSimple which is a set of helper functions for the Mobilize curriculum.

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1,000 tweets

In honor of my 1,000th tweet, I decided to investigate what events contributed the most tweets to my count, and see if 1,000 tweets was really an important milestone. (Hint: it's not!)

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