After an exam, you can earn back up half of the points you missed on Exam 1 by doing a correction. That is, if you missed 20 points, you can earn back 10 points on the exam. You cannot earn additional extra credit for corrections.

No one is required to do this, but anyone at any grade is welcome to. Corrections are due two weeks after the exam was returned (I believe this makes them due November 6). You will need to turn in two documents:

For each problem you are correcting, write

For example,

  1. I picked the answer “Residual near zero and high leverage” because I saw the point had a small residual, and I forgot the definition of leverage. The correct answer was “Residual near zero and low leverage.”

Your correction document can be handwritten or typed, and doesn’t have to include all the problems (just, the ones you want to gain back points for!). In order to get the full 50% of credit back, you must correct all the questions.