Here are some links to recent writing I've done, both in peer-reviewed publications and on blogs.


  • McNamara, A. Key attributes of a modern statistical computing tool. (submitted, pre-print)
  • McNamara, A. On the state of computing in statistics education: Tools for learning and for doing. (submitted, pre-print)
  • McNamara, A., and Horton, N. J. Wrangling categorical data in R. PeerJ Collection and special issue of The American Statistician. (in press)
  • McNamara, A. Considering the gap between learning and doing statistics. International Handbook of Research in Statistics Education. In chapter 15, The Future of Research in Statistics Education. (2015)
  • McNamara, A. Barriers and opportunities for nurturing statistical thinking before college. CHANCE, Vol. 28, Issue 4. (2015)
  • McNamara, A. Community engagement and subgroup meta-knowledge: Some factors in the soul of a community. Computational Statistics. (in press, reproducible code)
  • McNamara, A. and Hansen, M. Teaching Data Science to Teenagers. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Teaching Statistics. (2014).
  • McNamara, A. Dynamic Documents with R and knitr (book review). Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 56, Book Review 2. (2014).
  • Catllá, A.J., McNamara, A. and Topaz, C. M. Instabilities and Patterns in Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Layers. Physical Review E, Vol. 85, Issue 2. (2012).

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